An Entrepreneurial Mindset

Recently, I had an opportunity to give a zoom workshop to a group of Brazilian students and aspiring entrepreneurs. I'm sharing the presentation, because while the audience may have been international, there's nothing more universal than the Principles of Entrepreneurship. Below, you’ll find the key points of the presentation. 

- What is entrepreneurship? At its core it is about problem-solving.

- What stops you? Fear of failure? You must give yourself permission to try, to fail maybe and to succeed perhaps.

- Entrepreneurship is a combination of inspiration + execution + luck.  But without execution it is just a dream.

- Use these 5 filters to evaluate your idea at the start:

  1.  What is the problem you are solving?
  2.  What is your product or service and how well does it solve the problem?
  3.  Who is your customer?
  4.  Who is the competition?
  5.  How will you make money?

We invite you to dive into the entire presentation. And as always, comments, feedback, dialogue always welcome.

Principles of Entrepreneurship (São Paulo Version) from Verinder Syal