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Thoughtful Simplicity will help you clarify your Vision, Values, and Objectives, align your team, and even more importantly, execute - Get Stuff Done! Not only will you have a stronger bottom line, but your people will be happier and more productive.

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V-E-T, the proven way to Clarify, Align, Execute and thereby deliver strong results.

Mentoring & Consulting

Strategic, Advisory, and Mentoring support for established businesses, startups, & their leaders.

Workshops & Speeches

Adaptable sessions focusing on topics such as Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Culture, & Getting Stuff Done!

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Open Minds

Everyone, especially, the CEO must be willing to discard their preconceived notions and explore other ways of doing business than have been the norm.


Leadership needs to espouse the values, and adhere to them personally.

Committers & Accountability-Takers

Those who mean what they say, and do it. Top leadership must walk the path, before the rank and file will accept the concepts. Actions. Not Empty Words.

Ambitious OKRs

A team should aspire to great things. Get outside the box. Aim high. Measure regularly. Give it your all. And luck does favor the ones who dare and put in the effort.

"It's about Us" Mentalities

Teams and cultures develop when emphasis is on the greater good instead of "what's in it for me?" Who must model this? You guessed it - the top leadership team starting with the CEO.

Bill Bennett

Founder, CEO, Novel Coworking

Verinder is the sophisticated executive I aspire to be, and yet he is humble in coaching the team and myself on our journey of improvement….the results he helps us create are extraordinary...

Laura McKee

CEO, Autism Home Support

Verinder’s depth of experience as well as uncanny ability to read people has benefited AHSS significantly. He’s an excellent facilitator who drives meetings forward to action.

Joe Geocaris

Chairman, Little Lady Foods, Inc.

He’s done this before and this is his greatest strength. Verinder is passionate about what he does.

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