The Truth About Trade-Offs

Key points about the practice of Essentialism, and why doing less can lead to greater success.

Vicki Syal

January 21, 2021


I was rummaging through old articles I had written and came across John Maxwell's "Winning the People," I've included a mind-map of important points.

Verinder Syal

September 05, 2020

A New Journey

A 17 year journey came to an end recently as I wrapped up my two final classes at Northwestern University. This teaching adventure started in 2003 over ...

Verinder Syal

July 28, 2020

Plan B- Need To Pivot

Harvard Professor, Amar Bhide, explains that 93% of successful companies had to pivot to alter their business plans to achieve success...

Verinder Syal

November 11, 2016

Finding Meaning

"What should I do, how should I live, and whom should I become?" are questions that we all ask ourselves.

Verinder Syal

March 18, 2016

What are your Top Five Skills?

If I were to ask you what are your top skills, would you be able to tell me?

Verinder Syal

March 15, 2016

Beyond Mentoring

"How did you decide to teach?" (They ask me.) Serendipity is the quick answer...

Verinder Syal

February 27, 2016

The Search For Ideas- Part 2: Look at the Big Picture

Ideas are everywhere. Where do we start the search?

Verinder Syal

February 11, 2016

What Stops Us?

Isn't it funny how we always find a reason to not do something? Why is that?

Verinder Syal

January 19, 2016

Some Common Fears

What are you afraid of? Why?

Verinder Syal

November 02, 2015